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Saskatoon Pilot Scale Vaccine Manufacturing Facility in Saskatoon Expected to Produce full array of Vaccines
Dr. Trina Racine - Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization

SwineHealth News for December 6, 2022

A new pilot scale vaccine manufacturing facility in Saskatoon will be able to produce a full array of vaccines.
The construction of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization's 30-million-dollar pilot scale vaccine manufacturing facility on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan was completed in June and commissioning is now underway.
Dr. Trina Racine, the Director of Vaccine Development with VIDO, says the vaccines manufactured at the facility will be for both human and veterinary use.

Clip-Dr. Trina Racine-Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization:
Our new vaccine development centre, or VDC as we like to call it, is a biologics manufacturing facility.
Biologics could be vaccines it could also be monoclonal antibodies that you give to someone after they've been infected.
Our facility was designed to be very versatile in that we anticipate the ability to produce vaccines for both veterinary use and human use and we're going to do that using a multitude of different platforms.
We're going to be able to produce the more traditional type of vaccines like live attenuated and killed vaccines as well as subunit-based vaccines, viral vector-based vaccines and some of the newer technologies such as RNA and DNA based vaccines.
On the human side we'll be able to bring them into phase one and phase two clinical trials which is a form of testing that has to happen before the vaccine can be licensed and then on the veterinary side, we'll be able to bring those vaccines all the way through testing into actual licensure markets authorization.
Our facility, while mainly focused on the process development, so taking a product that was developed at the bench scale and scaling it up so that we can get it into the clinical and get it to a commercial level of process and manufacture, we're going to be able do all the way up to a thousand liters in our manufacturing facility.

Dr. Racine says, in addition to VIDO's scientists, the facility will also be to other academics who are developing vaccine products and Canadian and international small pharmaceutical companies.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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