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Swine Cluster Research Boosts Productivity in Canadian Pork Sector
Daniel Ramage - Swine Innovation Porc

SwineHealth News for January 11, 2023

An independent economic analysis shows swine cluster research is boosting productivity in the Canadian pork sector.
An independent economic assessment conducted on behalf of Swine Innovation Porc which looked at the impact of swine cluster research as a driver for growth in the Canadian pork sector and in the broader economy found the research resulted in a three and a half percent improvement in the productivity of the sector.
Swine Innovation Porc General Manager Daniel Ramage says the impact assessment makes a clear case for the value of investing in research.

Clip-Daniel Ramage-Swine Innovation Porc:
I would say the Headline is that cluster research is boosting productivity in the Canadian pork sector.
The number behind that is by three and a half percent.
Productivity is really important in agriculture and in the pork industry and that’s because we depend on productivity growth, things that are going to drive new knowledge and new improvements, better ways of doing things.
We can, take for example, research that helps reduce feeding costs or better biosecurity protocols that are reducing on farm losses.
Those are the types of things that support producer productivity and competitiveness.
So, when we think about a three and a half percent boost to productivity, that’s a really important outcome.
And, the economic benefits of this research, what we found is it goes beyond pork producers and processors and that's important for government to know when they're investing in research.
The message is that Canada is better off because a more productive pork sector supports higher income and new jobs and investment.

Ramage says, ultimately what the impact study found is that, for each dollar that is spent on cluster research, an additional new dollar is being added to Canadian GDP so overall the research has resulted in really strong contributions to economic growth.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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