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SIP Research Assembles Best Minds to Address Pork Sector Challenges
Daniel Ramage - Swine Innovation Porc

SwineHealth News for November 6, 2023

The General Manager of Swine Innovation Porc says it's through investments in research that the pork sector is able to put some of the best minds to work addressing challenges and building opportunities for the sector.
Swine innovation Porc's just released 2022-23 annual report can be accessed at swininnovationporc.ca.
Daniel Ramage, the General Manager of Swine Innovation Porc says investments in research contribute to the industry's long-term profitability, competitiveness and sustainability.

Quote-Daniel Ramage-Swine innovation Porc:
We've actually just wrapped up our latest swine cluster, the swine cluster 3 program, and we're working on the development of the next five-year cluster.
Those are some of the things we talk about in the annual report and we're highlighting how these funding investments are really driving long term growth.
This is one of the things that we really try to emphasize in the annual report, that our research priorities do encompass key areas, things like the environment, animal nutrition, animal health, animal welfare and quality.
These are priorities that have been set collaboratively through consultation across the pork industry.
These are priorities that are really driving by the industry's need for sustainability, the need for efficiency and quality and to address evolving consumer and regulatory demands.
Its really through the investments that make in research that we can put some of the best minds to work on solving challenges and building up opportunities for our sector across all of these different areas and priorities.
In our annual report this year we really emphasis celebrating and featuring some of the impacts and outcomes of those efforts.

Ramage notes an economic impact assessment study that looked at the return on investment in past clusters, shows these research investments have resulted in a three and a half percent increase in productivity across Canada.
He says, more broadly, the benefits of research can be quantified through improved efficiency, animal welfare, product quality and even environmental impact.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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